Is Multiculturalism A Multicultural Society? Essay

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The global world has many ethnicities creating different societies due to different cultures. This world could be called as the “One World, Many Cultures” as the tittle of a Hirschberg’s book. This title is suitable for the whole world and matches the American society. In fact, the United States is a multicultural society at its creation with many ethnicities living together for hundreds of years. Although ethnic groups blend harmoniously with each other and with the American policy in regards to religion, customs, traditional clothes, and etiquette, the general law of the country somehow does not go along with all ethnic advantages. Consequently, it seems that some minority groups have disadvantages or suffer a minor inequality in such a multicultural society. Conflicting interests aggravate misunderstandings between two or more groups of people; then, stereotypes about some ethnicities occur. The aim of this writing is to present about the definition of multiculturalism and its emergence in the United Sates, the effect of potential matters such as bad stereotypes on color minorities, and the necessary actions of American people to protect their society while living within the multiculturalism by minimizing bad stereotypes through multiple methods, especially through education.
Multiculturalism is difficult to define because recent political discourses somehow have offered contradictory and paradoxical definitions. Not only the United States, many countries around the world…

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