Essay on Is Morality A Moral Choice?

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Morals are a set of beliefs or choices that one would define which is right or wrong. When one says that a moral action requires the ability to make moral choices is similar to how we make our own choices. For something to happen within our lives, we must decide whether to initiate the action or to refrain from it. In other words, we would either do or do not. An action cannot be initiated by itself as it must have another force behind it. This concept is similar to a game, one must input commands in order to move forward. Those commands are made from the gamer itself. All in all, for an action to be set in motion there must be a driving force behind it, whether it be human or animal nothing will be set in motion if there are no choices to choose from.
P2. The ability to make moral choices requires an individual to pick between two or more mutually exclusive actions with an outcome. A moral choice is the concept of choosing possibilities with an outcome, whether it be bad or good. Imagine an outcome where a robber told a bystander to kill a victim or the bystander would die. There are many choices involved in here. The robber can either chose to assault the victim or refuse it. The victim could fight the robber or stay and the bystander could gang up on the robber with the victim or follow the robber’s orders. Each have outcomes of their own and can be made by the three people. Whereas being born is not a choice because there is only one outcome and that is to come out…

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