Is Money Really Buy Happiness? Essay

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Happiness. Nine letters, three syllables, thousands of meanings. It is felt in your chest, and seen on your face. For some it could be a new fancy car, maybe a Lamborghini or a Bentley. To others it 's diamonds and pearls . The age old question is, does money really buy happiness? In today 's materialistic world, the phrase that ‘money can 't buy happiness ' is tending to be proved otherwise. Most people believe that since money can so easily buy items that it can just as easily buy feelings. Money satisfies basic material needs. It’s a way to keep score, to win security, and to earn recognition. It symbolizes status and success. It can bring comfort and a sense of identity. It creates power in relationships and in the world. It often stands for the things that we feel are lacking—if only we had the money, we’d be adventurous, or thin, or cultured, or respected, or generous. It’s a symbol of everything we dream of earning. Although while people may be greatly enjoying the luxuries they obtain through their riches, they often don 't feel as great on the inside. In most cases people buy things in order to fill voids or to impress others but sooner or later they realize that happiness has no price tag. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, consumerism robs characters of their happiness.

In the beginning of the book you are introduced to Myrtle when she makes a phone call to Tom during dinner. Tom excuses himself to speak with her which infuriates Daisy, his wife. You…

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