Is Meditation Truly Improving My Life Both Physically And Mentally

766 Words Feb 29th, 2016 4 Pages
I really believe, especially after today’s session, that Meditation is truly improving my life both physically and mentally. It has helped me have a more positive outlook on situations and negative events. I am now able to push negative thoughts away and replace them with more positive ones. I feel great about this progress!

Today I sat on my bed right when I woke up and decided to concentrate on my breathing and meditate to start the day off right. The process feels more natural and the outcomes are great. More importantly I feel great too!

Since I heard more time today, I decided to listen to the audio playing of my mantra. I began by concentrating on my breathing then listening to the mantra. I found myself more easily being able to concentrate on the mantra, and I also felt that my body was feeling very relaxed at this point.

Today I decided to mediate at night before going to bed rather than the morning (since I had no time in the morning). I sat down on my bed and concentrated on my breathing before getting to my mantra. I have come to enjoy I listening to someone else’s voice for the mantra as I find it very calming. I found myself being very relaxed at the end of the session, my body felt as though all the negative thing bearing my down were fading away.

Today’s meditation was a little off, I feel that was mostly because I was rushing through the process since I had so many things to do that day, and as result I had trouble staying focused and kept thinking…

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