Is Marriage Reliable Or Bad? Essay

817 Words Apr 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Is marriage reliable? How many people still believe in the love that “till death do us apart”? Based on the fact that more and more people are getting divorced nowadays, it seems like the vow is just one step of the legal processes to legalize a marriage. Researches showed that half of marriages in America ended in divorces (citation), and there were several factors including age, education and social class which could predict the outcome of a marriage (citation). A study proved that being in a long and un-happy relationship could have negative effects on well-being such as people who have low-quality married most likely to have lower self-esteem and happiness overall (citation). Thus, the consequences of divorce had hard impacts on the children (citation). Besides, the developing rapidly of high technologies allow people to date and meet up new people through the computer screen that make it is so easy for people to have a relationship (citation). Could those “side effects” of marriage and the high technologies are the reasons why the percentage of marriage has declined for the last decades? The negative effects of divorce, especially on children, are the main reason why people avoid getting marriage nowadays. Half of the 2.1 million marriages ended in divorce in July 2009 and influencing over one million children in United State each year (citation). This enormous numbers indicated that there were various children whose parent separated at younger age were…

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