Is Lying Bad For Us? Essays

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Do You Know The Truth? When you lie are you hurting anyone? When I lie, I like to believe I am doing it for the greater good. Do you think what your lies could do to other people? Before I tell a lie, I think about how it would affect me and other people. I like to ask myself, is it needed? Why would I need to lie? Does this lie only affect me? And is it beneficial to me at all? What do you think of when you lie? In Richard Gunderman 's article, "Is Lying Bad for Us?" Gunderman believes that all types of lying are inappropriate to use at any time. In his article he states “We live in a culture where it is increasingly common to encourage lying, and even to suppose that there is nothing problematic about doing so” (Gunderman). People today lie even when there is no reason to, but what classifies a lie? Is telling someone they sound great at a singing concert, when they clearly do not, the same as lying on a job resume? In Stephanie Ericsson essay “The Ways We Lie.” Ericsson defines the different types of lying, such as “The White Lie,” “Deflecting,” and “Delusion” (Ericsson 475-80). She also includes examples of each type of lie, so her audience can clearly understand what the lie is and have a real life scenario to go along with it. When comparing Gunderman’s article to Ericsson’s essay, it starts to become clear that not all lying is unacceptable, and that Gunderman is wrong for saying that a person should never tell a lie. There are also very bad downsides for telling…

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