Is Lake Health Becoming Culturally Competent? Essay

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Lake Health, a facility located in Lake County, Ohio, services many Hispanics with their healthcare. At Lake Health, there is no current ongoing cultural competence training, and this needs to change. The ideal action plan for Lake Health is to develop an effective educational or training program to help create an environment that supports ongoing cultural competency (book). According to Health Research & Educational Trust (2013), a educational program that gives a lasting awareness and understanding by hospital staff includes many factors. An ideal educational program includes the components of cultural assessment, multiple training methods, ongoing education, and measurement and tracking (Health Research & Educational Trust, 2013). After receiving adequate teaching, there will be the potential for improved health outcomes, increasing the knowledge of clinical and support staff, resulting in higher patient satisfaction scores (Anderson et al., 2003). It is important to realize that the process of Lake Health becoming culturally competent is not an overnight process, but a lifelong journey (Perez book)

The Hispanic population is 65% more likely to be diabetic and 45% higher chance of dying from diabetes than non-Hispanic whites (FamiliesUSA, 2014). Though, Hispanics diagnosed with diabetes has lowered since 1988 from 26.3% of the Hispanic population to 18.3% in 2010, it is not a fact to be ignored. This population is growing and needs interventions that work…

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