Is Killing A Human Life? Essay examples

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The though of taking a human life intentionally might seem preposterous to many even if there are justifiable reasons in doing so. However, this topic is always shrouded with controversy and many are blinded by their religious and personal inclinations to reject the idea of deliberate killing before even the underlying issues can be thoroughly discussed. Ever since being in this course I have tried to test the pulse of my friends to know what they thing about killing infants and their reactions have always been it is unacceptable. In this essay I would I argue that there are certain circumstances in which it is morally permissible to end a life especially when it is an infant’s life.
I will do this on the following assumptions; that the infant is born with a severe mental defect like “anencephaly”, that this mental defect cannot be reversed, the infant will eventually die through pain and suffering. The severity of the mental defect would deprive the infant of the capacity to ever develop human functionalities. This would result in a life of pain, suffering, and misery. Usually infants born with this conditions either die immediately after birth or in some cases they have life expectancy of a few hours to a few weeks, but this would not be devoid of pain and suffering. This not withstanding, it might be difficult to conceive of any idea of infanticide in this situation because the infant is considered a member of the species “Homo Sapiens.”
An infant whose life is…

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