Is It Wrong Kill A Whale? Essay

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Is It Wrong to Kill a Whale? Over the past three weeks, there has been a continuous stream of ethical examinations and arguments on the controversial whaling issue. After sifting through and deciphering what is significant and what cannot be considered credible, a conclusion was made. This paper will analyze Peter Singer’s consequentialist view and two deontological theories and apply these theories to the whaling issue. In order to decide whether whaling is ethical or not, one must understand different traditional ethical theories. According to the Sep section on Traditional Ethical Theories, consequentialism is the idea that an action is right or wrong based purely on its consequences. More specifically, utilitarianism considers pleasure as the only intrinsic good and pain as the only intrinsic bad. Using this idea, an action is morally “right” if it increases the amount of pleasure in the world and therefore considered “wrong” if it increases the amount of pain. Peter Singer (1993) argues that all sentient animals should be given equal consideration when regarding the overall pleasure or pain of an action. Singer furthers this argument by expanding on the idea that Homo sapiens have developed a “speciesist” lifestyle by considering their own species with more moral regard than all others. He also considers the animal rights movement the next frontier of environmental ethics comparable to those of race and gender. Unlike other environmental philosophers, Singer views…

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