Is It Valuable Or Worth My Time? Essay

782 Words Sep 29th, 2015 4 Pages
As a student, when I am looking as to whether something is valuable or worth my time, I look at its usability. Will this apply to various situations, or is it only useful as a narrow concept? Applying this question to what I have learned thus far at Carthage College, I have found many lessons to be valuable. Probably among the most so would be Dr. McShane’s Aspects of Close Reading. A quickly growing list, the Aspects of Close Reading serve as a magnifying glass to read deeper into something, to ask the right questions to get at the truth. In our case, this means finding the “hidden doors” in The Iliad. Some of the Aspects include, importance based on temporal order, silence or apparent coincidences in the text, puzzles or anomalies (something that does not logically fit into the situation,) repetition of phrases or emotion, hidden name meanings that suggest backstory to a particular character, and many more. The Aspects are valuable in their ability to give us straight guidelines that allow us to see beyond what literature explicitly states. It makes the student think about what they wrote or, even better, what they did not write. By using these Aspects, we are able to uncover symbolism found in unexpected places. Random sequences that most scholars would gloss over can now be uncovered to allow new depth and insight into a centuries old work with new context. However, what makes the Aspects truly valuable is their ability to apply to situations outside of literature.…

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