Is It The Video Games Or Parenting? Essay

825 Words Mar 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Is It the Video Games or Parenting? Numberless parents continue to complain that the violence in video games and in music is the reason why this generation of gamers is becoming extra violent and more aggressive. In reality, it is the parent 's responsibility to monitor and watch their child, a considerable amount of people tend to let their child sit and play a game for hours at a time. Parents use media, television, and video games as a form of a babysitter, as long as they stay quiet and out of their way it becomes ok. It is not acceptable to attack the creators of these video games or producers of these shows as they are just striving to earn a buck, this issue falls back on the parenting. Although I can identify that these games can be extremely graphic and gory, parents should observe what their children learn from playing or what they watch, for the reason that it is their responsibility. In my opinion tons of parents now rely on media and electronics to keep their children busy, while they get supper ready or picking up around the house. Parenting is different now from when I was a little girl. I remember as soon as my brothers and I came home from school and if did not have homework, or were done with our chores. The three of us went outside to play with the other youngsters in our neighborhood, and before bed all of us were able to watch a little bit of tv or play a game. A few of these adolescents do not act “bad” because of what they watch or play, it is a…

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