Is It Pretty Much On Your Own? Essay

1482 Words Sep 14th, 2015 null Page
to do it pretty much on your own. In many cases, it is difficult for a child or teenager to solve things on their own with little or no help. A child, as well as many teenagers, still need that push to succeed as well as guidance in their education to help them understand what can be expected on assignments as well as overall school work. In order to succeed in the many demands of home schooling, you have to be able to self-teach and learn from yourself. In public school settings, you have examples to follow that help you in the right learning path. Self-teaching takes a lot of time and self-discipline; this is something that a student might not have as much trouble with it they are in public schools.
Social interaction is when you are able to communicate with other people in a setting other than being at your house. This is especially difficult to have if you will be home schooled. When a student is homeschooled, over 90% of his or her time can be spent at home. When parents choice public school, they will have the opportunity to have social interaction included in your life, where it is appropicate or not. When children are away rom your home and have other individuals to talk with and share things that are going on with school, as well as everyday life. Social interaction might be needed when kids are young. It helps with their social lives throughout their lives. Social interaction is a milestone that should not be passed up. Public schools allow social interaction.…

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