Is It Organic Architecture Or Not? Essay

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Is It Organic Architecture, or Not?
Years ago, I was traveling out in western America and I discovered something truly remarkable. It was the buildings; they had aesthetics that blended in with their environment and landscape around them, appearing as if they were part of the desert (environment) themselves. Stone and marble rock garnered the front exteriors, much similar to the ones laying on the ground. The exterior walls had tan or brown stucco, giving the feel of the western desert. Then, the roofs, something I will never forget. The structures had red, brown, and tan clay tiled roofs which replicated the sunny, yet sandy deserts they inhabited. It was truly breathtaking to see how the colors and textures of these buildings perfectly blended together with the environment they sat in, almost as if they were one together. Years went on, and I started to study architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright. Eventually, I was introduced to this word, “organic architecture.” So what really is “organic architecture” and what makes architecture “organic?”
Now, where exactly does this word “organic architecture” even come from? Well, it actually dates back as early as the 19th century. As early as 1908, a famous architect by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright began to adopt this idea. Wright, a very talented architect at that, was one of Louis Sullivan’s apprentices. Louis Sullivan developed and first coined the idea “form follows function.” This idea would be practiced and expressed in…

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