Is It Ok To Find Sexual Satisfaction Outside Your Marriage Analysis

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Analysis Essay: is it ok to find sexual satisfaction outside your marriage?
A marriage is a union between two people, binding them by heart, soul, and love.
Marriage is a vow that is supposed to be unbreakable, no matter what problems may arise.
Today 's generation are more likely to get married quickly without careful consideration. People who marry strangers find themselves in unhappy relationships that often end in divorce. The
New York Times column The Ethicist, gives readers ethical advice with moral issues they are facing. The article “Is It Ok to Find Sexual Satisfaction Outside Your Marriage” describes an unhappy woman who will be named “Jane”. Within this article, Jane aside’s if it is acceptable to have sexual satisfaction outside
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With the trust in her husband broken, Jane still needs to realize that to repair her marriage is not only for her, her and her husband but for the children as well. The Ethicist writer suggests that she tell her husband what she has written in about, because she could never be sure that he wouldn’t want to fix the marriage. The author also, states that if that conversation goes badly, she would know where she stood in the marriage and what would make her truly happy.
Aside from questioning the motives, the question remains whether it is moral or immoral to commit adultery. In theory, adultery is not an ethical practice. When applying moral theories to Jane’s situation, one in particular come to mind. Utilitarianism: consequentialist theory, centering on the production of an overall happiness for all involved. Jane’s situation would be reviewed to determine how much happiness Jane, her husband, children, and even potential
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We can see that she wants to fulfill her inner happiness, but is questioning the outcome of the whole situation for her family. The Ethicist columnist suggests that if Jane is more worried about her children then she should decide what is more important- her children or her sexual pleasure. Hoping that Jane is a devoted, loving mother that she would pick what

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