Is It Going Home? Essay

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“Hi, guys! How’s it going?” I inquired as I pressed the keys of the time clock
Beep Beep . . . Beep Beep . . .
I thought that I would give my fellow co-workers one last chance to treat me as a human being with dignity and respect by throwing a few kind words their way.
“Oh Look! The genius speaks”
“I am getting away from this place and going home. Good thing I don’t have to be back here until Monday morning”, I thought to myself.
“Harvey, where do you think you 're going?” blurted a voice from across the room.
“Home, I am going home”, I muttered.
“You’re going home? I was sure you’d stop by the magazine rack and buy your new Geek Weekly magazine.”
Beep Beep . . . Beep Beep - Time Clock Punch Out Accepted
“Nope! Harvey’s not going home. He’s going to his Geek of the Month Club Meeting where he’s president”, said Dennis.
I should have realized that after 4 years of mistreatment, day after day, any attempt to get them to act toward me with dignity and respect was useless. No matter what I did, every one considered me a freak with high IQ and a first class nerd that hid behind a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. Even if they felt I gave them the creeps, they didn’t have to treat me like that.
Oh sure, the first time you met me, I would probably appear a bit geeky, a bit unusual and slightly withdrawn. However, once you took the time to know me, you would find out that I really was a sociable person.
I turned around and despondently walked out of the employee’s lounge. My…

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