Is It Ever Okay For Break The Law? Essay example

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Inquiry Question: Is it ever okay to break the law?
Unit Objectives: The objective of this unit is two-fold. Students will be able to hone in on their skills of becoming affective ‘detectives’ and historians—analyze primary sources, compare and contrast concepts, create questions of their own (about laws), and finally experience a debate. Additionally, this unit aims to introduce the idea of law in America. By the end of the unit, students will be able to define law, have some conceptual understanding of why law is necessary in America, and consider whether or not it is ever okay to break the law. All in all, this is a civics-driven unit to get students thinking about law and the role it plays in the lives of American citizens.
Standards Addressed Throughout Unit:
• D2.Civ.3.3-5: Examine the origins and purposes of rules, laws, and key U.S. constitutional provisions
• D3.4.3-5. Use evidence to develop claims in response to compelling questions
• D4.1.3-5. Construct arguments using claims and evidence from multiple sources
Scope and Sequence
Lesson One: Accessing Prior Knowledge
Students will present what they already know about the law—what laws are, where they’ve seen laws, when they’ve encountered laws, etc. We will establish a KWL chart before moving into defining law. This will be a history lesson concerning law in America. We will use this as the basis of discussion for the lessons to come, and have a class-determined working definition of law. The purpose of this…

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