Is It Bad Or Bad? Essay

1430 Words Mar 20th, 2015 6 Pages
Nothing is worse than living in a world that feels more isolated than being stuff in a cage like monkeys. Without the modern appliance and enteraiments, we thought we were better off being dead. However so, we survive for decades. Our intial nightmare turns around to be an enlightment to what life should all be about,fulliment and happiness. We couldn 't thank our officer enough for our suppose to be harsh "punishment". All our belonging that we brought in our giantic suitcase are still left behind for future use for others who were like us . Although, we couldn 't imagine what you had done to become stranded like this;either by discovering this island called Maldives Desert Islands by total accident or sent here by another officer to do their time. We want to share to you how we lived through this time , and turn this into an aventure! The only sad part that regret to inform you is that you will most likely guarntee to be stuck here for the rest of your life. There 's no way to esape here once you ended up here, unless the helicopers are around. But this island is top secret , only a few selected members know this place, and they only sent 2 people per time frame, which is around 5 decades. I 'm pretty sure they all told you guys about this , but I just don 't wish for you to hope to high, but to be let down eventually. In contrast, this island seems more like a private resort than a place that you "serve your time" due to a crime that you had done that doesn 't consutue…

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