Essay on Is It An Adult? El Salvador?

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You are an adult in El Salvador in 2015. Your entire country and its neighbors are in a massive state of chaos. You constantly worry about your two young children- both so skinny you can see their ribs, dark circles encompassing their eyes from sleep deprivation. Crumbling buildings and litter are ubiquitous in the neighborhood and avoiding the piles of trash on your way home from work is remarkably arduous.

As your feet drag on the dirty ground towards your house, you are stopped next to a dilapidated storefront by a young couple who want you to join them as they attempt to smuggle themselves into the United States. Oh, how tempting that sounds. However, you know the risk to be too great. Instead you wonder if extricating your children from the country would be a superior idea. After communicating with the two anguished folk you reach a reconciliation and hurry home to pack your childrens’ belongings, hoping to give them a better life even if that means you can’t be in it.

While this is not the case with all illegal immigrants, it is certainly the case with some. Countless of us Americans tend to take our lives for granted and do not know what poverty and desperation truly feel like. Myriad people in our current society have forgotten what it means to be compassionate. Our humanity has been lost in the wave of facts and data that has become our daily lives. The idea of knowledge has swallowed us whole and it leaves no room for us to listen to our hearts and put…

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