Is It Always Happy Ever After? Essay

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Is it always happy ever after? Is the Cinderella story a true meaning to every woman that deals with any and all hardship? It is how you come out at the end of it all. It means are you going to dwell over issues that are beyond your control or deal with them and make the best of it the way you can. Sadness of a young woman basically a child forced into growing up due to her mother’s death and fathers mistreatment due to alcohol.
In the book Ellen Foster a novel written by Kaye Williams is unlike any simple book about Cinderella. The young woman Ellen whom is the main character in the story is raised by her mother and father and due to a tragedy of losing her mother, she is left to fend off for herself with a drunk and abusive father. She has relatives that have money power the type that can do as they please. Ellen’s grandmother Mamas Mama was how she told in the book.
Happily ever after is what we look for as getting older. The stories such as Cinderella and tales you’re told or read to that give the sense of goodness in life that no matter what in life you’re dealt with such as being poor or treated different does not define you. It symbolizes in American culture how you handle and carry yourself, by being polite, honest, having the strength, power, and will to go on and not giving up. Fairy tale, happily ever after is what woman look forward too. Prince charming comes to the rescue; saving her from our cruel and sad world. (Gibbons, Kaye)
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