Is It A Waste Of Time And Money? Essay

1720 Words May 23rd, 2016 7 Pages
“Why should I get vaccinated? Is it a waste of time and money?” According to The Center of Disease Control, 40% of all American parents are refusing one or more vaccines for their children. So this is clearly a significant public health issue today. There are many people who hold the belief of vaccines for several reasons like curing diseases, but they are not informed of the truths of vaccines. In the modern era, parents should have the choice on whether or not their children should get the vaccine. The first problem created by vaccines is that they are becoming more essential and necessary to have a better life. This leads to parents and individuals losing their freedoms, without their consent, in order to have access to basic needs. The second reason is because of the numerous side effects that are created. For example, side effects from vaccines can range from a simple headache to death. The third reason is that pharmaceutical companies are using the patients as test subjects to try their new vaccine. This is why new vaccines have unexpected outcomes as they are untested. Finally, the opposing arguments made are also very shortsighted and do not take into consideration of all of the information and research done. In the end, parents should not be forced to give their children vaccines that could harm them.
As more vaccines become mandatory, many individuals are losing their freedom when they don 't give their approval. One reason is that many pediatricians in the United…

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