Is It A Waste Of Human Life? Essay

1060 Words Feb 25th, 2016 5 Pages
Have you ever had the feeling that you’re a waste of human life? Or that, no matter how hard you try, what you do is never good enough? Well, that was me – I felt useless. Like my life had no purpose at all… Needless to say that, because of that kind of thinking, my self-esteem and confidence in myself and whatever work I produced was well below sea level. Due to being homeschooled from first grade through high school, I had little-to-no social skills; which led to me developing social anxiety. And, as a result of the low self-esteem, non-existent confidence, and lack of human interaction, I secretly struggled with depression for nearly ten years. More than once I found myself writing a “goodbye” to my family and picking up my dad’s pistol… I’m not saying that I’m completely cured of my issues today; I still have occasional bouts of depression that make my near and dear worry about me. But I’m getting better – and the main thing that set me in motion, and helped me take that first step towards changing my point of view, wasn’t a sign from heaven, but something as mundane as a job. Taking that job helped me transition into the best version of myself by allowing me to improve my social skills, teaching me to think more positively, and ultimately helping me distance myself from depression.

Living with social anxiety, as well as phobias of public speaking and speaking on phones, is torturous – to say otherwise would be a lie. So, in hindsight, applying for a job at a brand new…

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