Is It A Hero? Essay

1041 Words Jul 6th, 2015 5 Pages
Everybody wants to be a hero, and everyone has what it takes. No, I’m not talking about some ability to grow and become highly skilled or knowledgeable, I’m talking about the ability to obey one’s genes. In horror movies, I find myself constantly wondering why the victim would scream when the killer is right around the corner. Shouldn’t their body, their subconscious, know that it has a better chance of survival if it doesn’t scream? We can thank our species’ progression for that. Over the course of human history, we, as humans, have learned that certain actions bring reward. We scream to alert other humans that there is a danger nearby. To some, this is and was cause to flee. To others, the heroes, it was cause to help. Our genes subconsciously direct us to scream, so that we may help others. It’s altruism, and it’s found universally. At our core, we are heroes when we’re in trouble, even if it means our demise. Not everyone is a hero though. They all possess the ability to be one, yet not all act upon it. Regardless of how one may feel about the United States’, or its soldiers’, involvement in various wars, it is safe to call most soldiers heroes. If I were trapped within a burning building, and both General Patton and Michael Moore both had the option to save me (physical fitness was not a factor), I would bet that Patton would rescue me more often than Moore would. Conjecture? Most definitely. However, I have yet to imagine someone who would say otherwise, especially…

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