Is It A Cold Winter Day? Essay

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It was a cold winter day, my grandmother and I were going grocery shopping at Walmart. Everytime we went she would remind me, “watch out for the cameras, the can see you.” I always thought that she was crazy because I never saw any cameras, I had no clue what she was talking about, At the age of seven, I was not aware of the now known “black orbs” on the ceiling. So therefore I never paid any attention. We got to Walmart, one of the larger supermarket ones. As soon as we walked in I bolted to the toy aisle, in the distance I could hear my grandmother call out, “Cameras Duane” “Ok Grandma!” I shouted back. I arrived at the toy section, and I can remember the euphoria that came with it. There were hundreds of toys, all of my favorite childhood items, I was in heaven. When I was seven the new toy to have were Bakugan, some stupid little ball that popped open as figures from a television show. I had quite a collection of them, fifteen to be exact, but there was one that I did not have. I needed to have that one! I started to search and search until I came across it, my mind exploded, I couldn 't believe I found it! I frantically jumped around and smiling from ear to ear. It was the last one that I needed. I was very excited in that moment, until, I saw the price. My heart dropped, sadness overcame me, my body slouched, my smile turned into a depressed smirk. I was headed to go ask my grandmother if she would buy it for me, but I knew it was too much money, my eyes began…

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