Essay on Is It A Cliche Over The Years?

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There is an old saying that has become very cliche over the years. The saying “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is such a simple but complex phrase. It could be applied to almost any situation. I feel this little phrase applies to events that have happened in my life. Growing up I remember my parents They would often fight and argue with each other over things in an effort to survive. This constant fighting ultimately led to their separation; when my brother and I were 5 and 3 respectively, my parents got a divorce. Causing us to grow up being stuck in the middle of all the disagreements my mom and dad continued to have. Growing up I wondered how my life would’ve been had my parents stayed together and worked things out. Would it have been better? Worse? I can’t say I know for sure. Staying in full custody of my mom, my brother and I grew more attached to her. We would spend time with our dad less and less over the years; the reasons varying over time. In our teens, our dad, in an effort to connect with us, would send us text messages every day and call us very often. For the most part my brother and I found this to be annoying and would hardly even reply to his daily messages. Now a days I miss these daily messages we used to get from our dad. There was one day that I realised that things with our dad weren’t going to be the same. It was a day in which there were no more: messages, phone calls, and especially no more spending a day with my dad. A day in which…

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