Essay Is Invitational Learning A School Environment?

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This article discusses whether or not students actually care about what they are learning, and, if not, how a teacher can influence them to enjoy their studies. It is important to have a group of students that value their education and aspire to be successful in their academics. Since some students struggle to enjoy what they are learning about, some teachers often use invitational learning. Invitational learning is a method that is used in a school environment in order to evoke their virtually boundless potential (Purkey, 1991). By using the different stories of students who have been placed in classrooms that do not foster their academic growth, the author established a variety of approaches that can be used to invite students to learn. This article explains five different types of invitational learning: affirmation, contribution, purpose, power, and challenge.

If a student believes that they are accepted, safe, and cared for at school, they will have a much larger likelihood of being successful inside of the classroom. “Teachers issue a crucial invitation to learning when young learners feel an abiding sense of affirmation from teacher and peers in a class. When that sense of affirmation is lacking, learning is at risk” (Tomlinson, 2002). Without a feeling of ‘meaning’ in a classroom, students are less likely to actively participate in the classroom. It is crucial that teachers develop a positive relationship with each of their students that welcomes them all.…

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