Essay about Is Infidelity The New Black?

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33 Million adulterers- Is Infidelity the New Black?
It is bewildering as to why a person would sign a marital certificate if they have no intentions of following through with their commitment. Absolutely without question, infidelity is completely wrong. Yet the internet has helped make it something of simplicity and ease. Marriage is should be built on truth, and surprisingly commitment, seems Ashley Madison didn’t quite get the memo. Considering the site promotes infidelity and the shredding of a marriage certificate you could say the website is a virtual “home-wrecker”.
Recently the “Ashley Madison” website has encountered a world wide scandal and dominated the news, and ruined reputations. “Ashley Madison” was set up by Noel Biderman, the site is aimed at those select few who are “unhappy” in their marriages and are looking for an escape route so join the site to take it upon themselves to throw their marriages down the drain with little care. “Ashley Madison’s” motto is “life’s short, have an affair”, this clearly sums up a very healthy relationship, not. The motto also reflects the companies’ lack of regard for the emotions of the suffering partner, the website was purely developed to encourage and enable illicit affairs. The “Ashley Madison” ensemble has been crushing marital vows since 2001, with a hefty amount of members that are not just your average Joe’s; far from it in fact you will find them gracing the covers of magazines. “Around 70% of the members are men-no…

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