Is Inequality Making Us Sick? Essay

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Is Inequality Making Us Sick?
Of all things in this world, what do you cherish above all else? Recanting views from the trivial and observing an essential reflection of what you must attain to carry on as an individual will, for most people, boil down to two key elements of life: wealth and health. The relevancy of such dire needs is not in question. However, the factor being that wealth and health is so tightly intertwined and relative with each other is not addressed prominently enough, allowing such disservice to venture onward.
The hierarchy of classes is the direct link in exposing the truths in the existing wealth-health gradient. For years the common knowledge was that the CEO 's of businesses; blue-collar professionals were under the sieges of stress more than anyone in the hierarchy. This, however, proved to not only be false, but the exact opposition of the facts. The Whitehall study, directed by lead researcher Sir. Michael Mermot, made ground-breaking discoveries of variations in the health of 29,000 British civil-servants. These variations were due to their wealth-class. With the upper-class citizens having the best health, and slowly digressing in health quality as you go down the hierarchy of class.
The Whitehall study uncovered that the lower the grade of employment- the higher the chance of heart disease as well as every other major cause of death. This wealth-health gradient discovered in the Whitehall studies were on British citizens who are all…

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