Is Hunting Safe For Deer? Essay

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Is Hunting Safe for Deer? The organization, IDA also known as In Defense of Animals, believes that hunting causes problems for the environment and for the deer that are being killed, while other people argue that hunting causes no problems for deer. IDA’s arguments suggest that hunters only kill for sport, and kill too many deer. They also suggest that deer do not have capabilities of defending themselves when a hunter has a firearm at hand. In order to stop the negativity of organizations like the IDA, laws have been put into place. By following regulations and helping control the deer population, hunters make hunting safe for the deer. Deer can be viewed by sportsman as trophies that would look great on their walls. For example, a point made by IDA is that, “Modern ‘sportsman’ stalks and kills animal for ‘recreation’” (“Hunting - ‘The Murderous”). On TV, hunters are shown sitting in the tree stand waiting for the deer to pass by. It shows hunters waiting for the opportune moment to take that perfect shot, but what the TV does not show is what is going on after the deer has been killed. All that is seen is the trophy buck’s rack afterward mounted to the wall. The ten point trophy buck is a perfect example of why people like IDA believe that many are killing deer only for the sport, but in fact, lots are killing for the meat that the animal provides them with. Deer are a great food source with over fifty pounds of meat to make the winter go smoothly. In Alaska, people who…

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