Essay on Is Humans Catch Diseases Fish?

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In the same way that humans catch diseases fish can too. Some diseases in this instance comparable to the black plague have had a terrible effect on the salmon population in specific regions. One of the most infamous diseases, the Ulcerative Dermal Necrosis, which is one that effected almost all the salmon in Scotland in the late 1970’s. In attempts to remove the parasite that was killing the fish, Scotland succumbed to loosing all the salmon in nearly over 20 Norwegian rivers. “The parasite, called Gyrodactylus salaris, infects the gills, fins and skin of a variety of freshwater fish and holds on to the salmon with tiny hooks (“Salmon in the Classroom”). Still unaware how the disease was cultivated but more than likely it was brought to Scotland by fisherman not disinfecting their equipment properly. Although the dead salmon provide food for other animals it was a rather unfortunate case that took far too many salmon before it could be prevented.
When plant and animals are found living somewhere where they wouldn’t occur naturally biologist call them aliens. One species that has undone probable cause for the salmon and that is the American signal crayfish. The American signal crayfish is mainly found in North America but has been introduced to some rivers in Scotland where it is more than likely brought over by fishing boats. The crayfish comes bearing sharp claws and is a predator eating insects that the salmon would feed on, the eggs, fry and even larger fish (Hunter).…

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