Is Humanity Naturally Good Or Evil? Essay

1022 Words Mar 30th, 2016 5 Pages
The long asked philosophical question of whether humanity is naturally good or evil is extremely complicated due to the simple truth that every single moment in recorded history is a evidence for this question. Scrutinizing over all of this information in an attempt to pick out single events that represent the majority of humanity would be nearly impossible and ultimately make for a weak argument. Instead the seemingly best answer at this point in time lies in the blooming new field of Psychology. Now there is irreproachable, empirical data to support the idea that Human are naturally good from birth and are naturally more likely to cooperate with another even if it means missing out on personal gain. The idea that babies were blank slates and their sense of morals were gradually introduced as they experienced the world,has literally been around since humans began making observations about themselves and the natural world. Now thanks to the work of Dr. Kiley Hamlin, we are now starting to form a different perspective. She proved this by creating a puppet show with two main characters, a triangle and a square. There were two versions of the show, in both the square would attempt to climb a somewhat steep hill, the difference was in the triangle. In version A, the triangle would come along and help the square up the hill while in version B, the triangle would be at the top of the hill and stop the square from coming up by pushing it down. The researchers measured which…

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