Essay about Is Holly 's Goals Are Very Realistic And Possible

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As a vocational rehabilitation counselor I believe that Holly’s goals are very realistic and possible. She wants to first seek an appropriate job in her anticipated field of writing. She enjoys writing as a leisure activity and also has a writing background from a high school job, which could count as a transferable skill. She could work for a local newspaper, blog, magazine or even publishing company. She could start in an entry level position or as a paid intern. After saving enough money she would like to pursue some type of writing degree. She could pursue an Associates or Bachelor’s degree from one of the local community colleges or universities in Memphis, TN.
Holly actively wants to seek employment; however she is fearful of her safety and problems with her memory during and after a workplace seizure. In ensuring her safety in the workplace she can do things like designate a person to respond to her emergencies, keep her area/aisles clear of clutter, and make a plan of action for others to determine how to respond/react when she has a seizure on the job. After her seizures she experiences brief memory deficits, which could possibly affect her ability to complete tasks, remember job duties, or recall daily activities. To prevent this, Holly can do tasks like posting written or pictorial instructions, using a chart to describe steps to tasks, maintain paper lists of important information like passwords, use a building or employee directory, use auto-dial phone…

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