Essay on Is Higher Education Worth The Investment?

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Is Higher Education Worth The Investment

The opportunity is always open to pursue a course of higher education with a little hard work and dedication you’ll be on your way to success. Investing in higher education can have it’s pro’s and con’s individual could in up having to pay back student loans from dropped classes or even because they withdrawn from school. Higher education can also be worth the investment, it makes it easier to be employed and maintain a healthier stress free lifestyle with a college degree you can open up new doors for success. Much contemporary rhetoric focuses on the issue of higher education, students get the thought that higher education is a waste of time and investment they feel they. Should start off straight in their course of study without achieving what comes with it causing college anxiety which leads to dropouts. Overall, this literature supports that college has it’s pro’s and con’s which may be hard to get through at first because of all the work but is worth the reward at the end a college degree.

One reason higher education is worth the investment is because college graduates have more and better employment opportunities. It is proving that people with a college degree are more likely to succeed and accomplish better material than people with just a high school diploma. In the reading “Is College Worth It ? Clearly, New Data Say” by David Leonhardt he states americans with four-year college degrees make 98 percent more and hour on…

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