Essay on Is Heaven And Heaven Is For Love?

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Every religion, every individual have faith in in heaven. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and several more believes in it. People think of heaven as delightful, peaceful place to live. Many individuals think of themselves as a good enough person to be in heaven but it is all their expectations, and many people assumes themselves as a ruthless person. The idea of heaven in people’s mind is as a palace afterlife. Heaven, then, is not so much a place as a collective entity made up of good people who perform an important use, much as we ourselves are made up of individual cells and atoms that are essential to the full functioning of our body. How we behave now and what we do now is what determines that where we will live in afterlife. As been said that, “love is heaven and heaven is for love” this is the idea which explains us that heaven is full of those who love. And in the novel five people you meet in heaven the writer Mitch Albom delivers the message that love can be found in everything and in all experiences.

To showcase this idea captain is a perfect image of love and care even though the human vs. human conflict is an ongoing issue for Eddie with captain. In the war when Eddie and captain were together Eddie said that he wanted to stay there and don’t want to go back that was the time when the conflict begun between them because the captain had to shot on the Eddie’s leg just so that he can keep his promise to keep everyone together. Later…

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