Is Happiness Really Worth Pursuing? Happiness? Essay

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Is happiness really worth pursuing in life? People define happiness by different perspective though out their life. In C. S. Lewis, “We have no right to happiness”, his example is of a man who pursues sexual happiness, but happiness none of the less. In Dalai Lama, “The Source of happiness”, his way of happiness is just affecting people in a positive way and does not harm any anybody in any way. True happiness is complicated thing to achieve and when it is achieve it is in short time span between their lifetimes. Sadness and depression sometimes comes in hand in hand with happiness. However, happiness can come though luck. Happiness can be received through hard work. Happiness is great feeling once received, so we try to keep that feeling as long as possible. Even have they turn the wrong path to achieve it?
Way to pursue happiness is trying just surviving and thriving in society though their own self-worth. People have wealth for happiness in their life, other are just happy to be together with family and friends. Happiness come in all shapes and size for people, from get something done to making a family member happy to achieve an award to saving a life to serving your country. People pursue happiness through any way possible, in their choice they have to two path. In C. S. Lewis, Mr. A wanted to marry Miss. B for her beauty and divorce Miss. A to be happy because of sexual happiness. One is where their choice hurts nobody and it is joy wherever they look. While the other…

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