Is Grammar A Waste Of Time? Essay

1397 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
Is learning grammar really a waste of time? Well to first define it, it is the system and structure of language. Grammar being taught in the classroom is a very important topic in society. Many will argue that students have no need in learning grammar and that it takes time away from them learning something else that’s more relevant. Others may argue that grammar knowledge is needed in order to be successful in the future. Students need grammar as a means of helping aid them with speaking and writing properly. Grammar is all around us in the world. A student having no knowledge of when they are using grammar is not fair to them. They go to school five days a week, even more, just to be cheated in their knowledge. The students that are coming up now are the next generation. Why would we as people down play the future generations potential. No one wants the new generation coming up speaking incorrectly. Many forms of grammar are encountered around the time students are transitioning from high school to college. Usually grammar is not fully taught until the student reaches college. Around ninth or eight grade is when students learn a little about prepositional phrases but that’s about it. No child wants to be sitting in a room with a well spoken person thinking how I will get myself to sound like that. If they are around some friends and they realize how well their peers speak it could make them ashamed. So many people are looked down upon for the way they speak. Teachers…

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