Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essay

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Evaluation Essay
“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” is a widespread essay written by Nicholas Carr. The essay is about how desired technology is making people think differently and how maybe google is being a little too helpful when someone is in need of an answer. Carr takes writing to a whole new level when he goes in depth to explain what the internet is doing to a human brain. He uses his own experiences and feelings to evaluate how he feels and what he believes on the effects of modern technology. Based on superior evidence, a strong view on the subject, and showing the changes Google is doing to a person’s way of thinking, the essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr is a great representation to show how technology is affecting our brains and how Google is really making society stupid. Nicholas Carr starts his essay with a strong opening and right away an audience would be able to tell his opinion and view on the famous search engine, Google. Carr did not write his essay and have nothing to back up his claim, which was that google is making people stupid. Others, who may have a different view on the topic, do not use such a vast and credible amount of evidence to support their claim. For example, William Badke, the writer of “How Stupid Is Google Making us” has a different aspect on Google and even though he agrees with Carr about how Google is decreasing our capability to read in depth writings, he believes there are different versions of stupidity. “I don’t…

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