Nicholas Carr's 'Is Google Making USupid?'

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When was the last time we ever read something and analyzed it without getting help from the internet and doing in on your own? In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid ?’’ by Nicholas Carr, explain how technology and internet is making us lose our mind on how we used to read long passages and analyzed, but now we can not even do it. We are to attach to the technology that it is draining our brains . We now see students researching for articles, but instead of reading they just skim read and use the ideas from the internet for their paper. With technology we see students not reading the whole paper like before without technology we would read the whole paper. Carr explains this when he says that our brain is in between observation and attentiveness on how we view the information on the internet. Carr makes many main points on how technology is making us stupid , but there are two points that agree and disagree with. I agree with Carr’s theory of how we find the easy way out of doing work on our brain and using the internet often up …show more content…
He supports his points by being in examples of his own experience and showing how would has changed because of technology. Also by giving many points to support his argument. Also on how we lost the brainpower to work without using the internet. In my opinion , I agree with the point he makes about how we use technology often to find the easy way out of doing everything on the internet. However , I disagree with the statement that he makes about how the information on the internet is making us a efficient thinker. Overall I would say that the more we use technology and the internet we are becoming less intelligent and we did to learn about how often we should use technology. Too much is bad for you because we are becoming more and more

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