Is God A Moral Monster Summary

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In Is God a Moral Monster?, Paul Copan describes how wonderful and loving God is while fighting off the accusations of God being a monster by the New Atheists using the Old Testament. One major point made by Copan is the question of how truly loving or terrible God is.
Throughout the Old Testament God shows many different sides. He can be a caring God, or He can be a scary God. There are times when God shows mercy and then there are times that seem like he is letting terrible things happen to the people. Copan points out different times in the book where God’s various sides are shown in the Bible. These sides change so often that it is easy to pick one side to follow and then ignore the other side of God. New Atheists take information and
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by introducing a group called the New Atheists. Although Atheism has been around for many years this group of new people brings more to the ongoing debate of if God is real or not. They are developing skills to be able to dive into the Christian faith and pick out whatever they can use to build their argument against it. The New Atheists also build on what has always been said about Christians such as they have the reputation to be full of themselves and judgmental. This results in them being called hypocritical.
Different types of abuse and anger are described in the Bible, specifically in the Old Testament. Copan describes the story of Abraham and the sacrifice of his son because this story is often used to describe God as a monster. Further into chapter five Copan discusses how this can be taken easily out of context to someone who is unfamiliar with this Bible story and the impact it can have on their faith or view of God. Even though the New Atheists use this story to fight against the idea of God being loving Copan has answers to fight back with. Copan states that God asks Abraham to take his son, not command him to. He also explains that God did not let Abraham go through with it. He stopped him and was pleased and proud that he had done what The Lord had

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