Is Gmos Not A Big Deal? Essay

1413 Words Jun 8th, 2015 6 Pages
Nullifying GMOs, not a big deal As we head deeper into the 21st century, new scientific discoveries are being build as the foundation for humanity. Genetic modification is one of the foundations that might crumple and collapse because of the dangers of genetically modified products. Genetically modified products are one of the minor issues that countries discuss and take action. In the United States, genetically modified food products are favored by the majority of the public, but some people have argued that the process of genetically modifying products is dangerous and can cause harm in humans if any mistakes in modifying is made. If all the reasons against GMOs are true, then taking all genetically modified products out of circulation would have a minimal argument from the public regarding GMOs because genetically modified products have a greater health and an environmental issues. Usually when favorable products are taken out of the market, it can cause a heavy drop in sales and profit and this could lead to an unease in the population. If the public is informed about the dangers of GMOs in our food supply, then chances are people would actually start avoiding genetically modified products. Taking all genetically modified products out of circulation would not have any effect on the American public because genetically modified products poses a great health risk. Unstable genetically modified food products can cause allergy in humans. Mark…

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