Is Global Warming Real? Essay

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“Is global warming real?” The theory of global warming is that humans creates gases by burning fossil fuels which builds up in the atmosphere also known as greenhouse gas, which could drive global temperature to catastrophic levels. This question has been asked for hundreds of years. The answer is based on scientific analysis involving three main points. The three main points include temperature levels, Co2 levels, and sea levels. When being dependent on these three factual points the result is simply no, global warming is not real. In order for global warming to exist, global temperatures must increase. According to Christopher Monckton in the article, Ferrara, P. (2009). Why the World Is Getting Warmer, Even Though It Is Getting Colder.American Spectator,42(2), 46-48. he accurately analyzed the recent temperature results by saying, “Global warming stopped 10 years ago. It hasn 't gotten warmer since 1998.…In fact in the last seven years, there has been a downturn in global temperatures equivalent on average to about…one degree Fahrenheit per decade. We 're actually in a period…of global cooling." In reference, global temperatures has actually been higher in the past compared to today. This time frame includes the Medieval Warm Period that a cured around 1000AD, and the Holocene Climate Optimum Period which was even higher had a cured roughly 8,000 years ago. These time periods where actually considered beneficial due to longer growing seasons, lower heating bills, and…

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