Is Global Warming A Threat? Essay

2120 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
Is global warming a legitimate threat to this planet? The issue of global warming is currently being debated throughout the world by political battles, news articles, and even scientific research that define our planet 's status. Looking over several articles about the topic provided me with enough information to conclude that the issue of global warming and how we are abusing the planet will determine our next generation 's lifestyle and even their lives. The main cause of global warming is the increased rate of greenhouse gasses being emitted into the atmosphere, but the greatest contribution to the release of carbon dioxide is from burning natural fuel. In 2010 for example, 20% of the gases that are released into the atmosphere, naturally included, was carbon dioxide (The Connection Between Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change, and Global Warming). Yet, For example, last year in 2015 global temperatures were well over record temperatures for the hottest days, months, and even year sever recorded globally since we began to record temperatures (Gillis). In addition to the rising temperatures, it’s expected that in the united states alone, wildfires are subjected to increase anywhere from 400 percent to 800 percent, and if we cross the two degree theory threshold, we could be projected into increased floods up to six feet in New York City, Florida, and California (Kestler-D 'Amours). Yet, on the other spectrum, many observe these issues as an over exaggeration that many people…

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