Is Gambling Right Or Wrong? Essay

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Is gambling right or wrong? Whose fault is it really? Now a days gambling has become a major problem that need to be taken in conscious so thing don’t get out of hand. Duhigg, the author of The Power of Habit, mentions the importance of knowing that gambling could become a habit and how it could transform to addiction. To be able to change it you need to know the cue, routine and reward as well as Lauren Slater the author of the book Opening Skinner’s Box supports the idea of habits by making examples of how the cue, routine and reward functions.
Angie Bachmann is a mother of three girls and a house wife who got bored of the daily routine. One day she decides that she need something to feel better with herself, so she went gambling. At the beginning she would only go ones a week thinking it was a reward for all that things she did during the week. Time past and Angie had fallen into a dark hole where she couldn’t get out. Her parent got sick, so she had to be traveling constantly; therefore, she wasn’t home that much. One day when Angie got home, she notices that her family were independent and didn’t need her no more. For Angie all those changes made her want to go more and more to the casino were she was winning and losing at the same time. The casino started to send coupons for free dinners which Angie use to take her family for dinner. Like Angela had become a good member the casino gave her credit. Her debts were increasing to the point she started to ask her parents…

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