Is Free Education Enough For College Athletes? Essay

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Is free education enough to college athletes? Do colleges and universities exploit their athletes without even give them compensation? Years ago, being chosen from a university for being an outstanding athlete was a dream for most of the students wanting to have a sports’ career and a good education, but nowadays the debate over whether the student-athletes should be paid or not has been ... In fact, a group of former players “has filed an antitrust lawsuit alleging that student-athletes are entitled to some of the money the NCAA makes off of using their names and likenesses on merchandise such as jerseys and video games.” ()
Critics of the schools’ system argue that student athletes do not obtain the sufficient benefits from their universities, and also that they should be paid because the sports industry generates billions with annual revenues where the actual stars are the athletes. On the other hand, supporters of the system say that free education is an excellent benefit that many students do not have and that they would dream with this opportunity. It is true that colleges make a good amount of money from the games that their sports teams play, but they also provide athletes with a very high privilege by giving them a sports scholarship. Also, colleges not only give them great opportunities but also promote and support their sports career. Therefore, colleges should not pay their student athletes because they offer them high benefits by only providing free education.…

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