Essay about Is Football And Basketball Beneficial?

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Is Football and Basketball Beneficial to Students? When it comes to sports everyone knows the precautions to that sport even if for adults; whether their kids play or not. So why is it a bad thing? Why is it a good thing? Two main sports that most people talk about are basketball and football. They can be dangerous but also beneficial. Basketball and football are good for students so they learn skills, they work together, and they gain social skills; however when parents watch their kids play or watch other students they tend to have a negative attitude towards other teams, which can be harmful to the students and kids around them. Students who play football or basketball have the advantages of being able to work well with others. They can also gain social skills with other students and helps when students can also work with the coaches. That could help students when they go work in the work force. The students can learn a few possible skills that could help student athletes later in life. “Studies have shown that exercise increase blood flow to the brain more connection between nerve, leading to increase concentration, enhancing memory, stimulated creativity, and better-developed problem solving skills.” (KHELIL) When it comes to sports it can help when students exercise because it improves their bodies and helps them develop more to an adult. Also for student it benefits for their health, it does helps control their weight. Students who play sports become well known to…

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