Is Football A Sport? Essay

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Football was and could be a life changing sport, it was for me at least. A sport that put the world in a whole different aspect from my view. Football has given me a platform, brothers, and a mindset. If I could I would urge every young teen entering high school to join their football team but sad part is football isn’t a sport for everyone. Only the physically capable and mentally tough can withstand four years of high school ball, unless you’re a kicker.

In middle school I wasn’t the brightest child. Constantly getting in trouble and failing many classes. I never failed physical education, and I was chubby back then! MY point is that I have always enjoyed and respected sports. Started playing basketball when I was 8 years old, and played till I was in the 7th grade when I was “recruited” by one of my neighbors to play for a private high school team and I accepted. I didn’t know much about football but I knew that everyone loved it and it got you all the girl and that’s all I wanted back then. I spent 7th grade trying to learn the game and understanding it. The next year I was the starting running back, not because I was fast or talented, because I was a big mean boy and hard to take down and that’s where coach put me. I still remember to this day how fun it was playing but my intentions back then were to take advantage of it and use it to get all the girls and be popular.

First day of summer workouts, I still remember to this day, I walked into…

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