Is Florence Nightingale Had A Vision? Essay

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Florence Nightingale had a vision. She recognized that with the proper skills and knowledge, public health care could be improved. It has been over 150 years since Nightingale’s prophecy, and healthcare has changed, evolved, and advanced in many ways. We, as nurses, are constantly in the midst of transformation and technological innovations. In the healthcare environment, society has had a hard time transitioning us from simple caregivers into our further capacity as knowledge workers. We need to be supported by healthcare organizations, universities, and healthcare initiatives to make that evolution real for the future of nursing. Here, we discuss some of the pressing issues surrounding this transition into knowledge workers and present some personal reflections and predictions for the future. Knowledge workers can exist in all organizations. They explore new ideas and concepts, grow and support innovative technologies, and create and foster supportive environments where their ideas can ultimately develop and improve their organization. Nurses, whether as students, staff, researchers, faculty members, or practitioners have an obligation to the future of nursing to innovate and integrate these new practices. This work, in turn, helps to standardize patient care, and allows each individual to become more involved in the decision making process and its subsequent innovation.
Nurses have new and advanced technologies at their fingertips every day: Electronic Health Records…

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