Essay on Is Fast Food The New Tobacco?

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Is fast food the new Tobacco? An individual can travel down a main highway strip and count at least five fast food chains within a mile of each other, convenience foods as some individuals would call them are everywhere today and around every corner. The ever growing obesity crisis we have in the United States is growing and so are the problems that link with it, it 's hard to not look at our children and see how it effects them at such a young age. Although the government wants to address this ever growing obesity problem we have in our society with our tax payer dollars. I would argue that 's its not an issue to be addressed by the government, it 's an issue that an individual needs to address within themselves.

Are we as a society addicted to fast food or the convenience of fast foods? I believe in today 's world we are addicted to the convenience of convenience foods and the quick satisfaction it brings to our wallets and our stomachs as well as the time it saves us in the kitchen. We all live busy lives and sometimes its just easier to stop at a fast food restaurant or put that frozen pizza in the oven than to prepare a well balanced meal. Warner goes to state that "you can 't change specific eating behavior without addressing that way of life-without changing our culture of food. You need to present healthful eating as a new, desirable, freely chosen expression of the American way" (402). Admittedly there is very little information of what you are eating on…

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