Failure Is Not The Worst Thing Analysis

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Do I agree with the statement, "Failure is not the worst thing in the world, the very worst is not to try"? I do agree with the statement given. Of course, not everyone would, but the statement is true. It is true in three ways. One thought that may come into mind is, "How can I use this failure as a learning opportunity?". Another thought that you can think about is, "Is there any situation that is far worse than my failure?". One last thought that you may think about is, "How can I build up from my mistake or failure and fix it?".

One thought that may come to mind is," How can I use my failure as a learning opportunity?". This is a really good thought that should come to mind. If it doesn't, that's okay. It is a good thought to think about, though. All failures and mistakes can be used as a learning opportunity. Because of the mistake or failure, you know what not to do. Knowing this will allow you that chance to make your task better. Knowing what happens allows you to try again and eventually succeed. If the task
…show more content…'s simple. The answer to this thought is basically the first two in a nutshell. To answer this question, you must first look at what went wrong with whatever you were trying to accomplish. Next, you should see how you can fix it. Fixing your task may be easy, or it may be difficult. All this doesn't matter, though. That's where the idea of the second thought comes in. You should never tell yourself you can't. It is the worst possible outcome that will ever come to mind. If you are doing this now, STOP. If you do this, you will never try to accomplish that task ever again. You are your own worst enemy. That's why you need to build yourself up. Of course, other people can influence you. But, you are the one who needs to tell yourself "You can do it." You are the one who needs to build you up. Only you can accomplish your

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