Is Facebook Good Social Media For The Older? Essay

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Is Facebook Good Social Media for the Older?
Facebook has been praised as an excellent and ideal social network that facilitates the sharing of information and connects the people across all the ages. Both young and old generations are found using Facebook. However, questions have been raised about the suitability or how fit it is for the older to use Facebook. Thus, this question might be emanating from the perception that Facebook is only for the young and not the old. Currently, Facebook has over one billion users across the globe that cuts across all the ages, and the number is said to be increasing day after day. Also, older people are using Facebook more. In fact, from the year 2000 to the year 2009, the number of people of the ages between 50 and 64 who use Facebook increased by 70%. The numbers are said to be increasing with the years. Facebook can be said to be a good social network even for the older people because of its ability of sharing many things with family and friends, safety and security. Besides, it is easy to use.
Facebook as a social media facilitates sharing of ideas, information, and connection of people with family and friends. As people age up, most of the social connections are cut. The link between colleagues, friends, and loved ones is reduced to a minimal or lost. This is because of the retirement and establishment of permanent places of dwellings, which are different from the original residential places. Some older people get tired from…

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