Is Ethic And Social Responsibility? Essay

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The topic that I have selected to discuss is ethic and social responsibility. The text defines ethics as being “the moral standards or principles used to judge the ‘rightness’ or the ‘wrongness’ of a person’s or group’s behavior toward others” (Mosley, Gillis, 2016, “Ethics and Social,” para. 2). I have previously worked in a restaurant where I served the position as a hostess. Being a hostess in a high volume restaurant entails a copious amount of different tasks. Being ethical can be difficult at times, especially when you are standing in the middle of a lobby with a crowd of hungry customers. You can quickly feel like you are in a fish bowl. “Ethical behavior is about making decisions with regard to what courses of action constitute “right” or appropriate behavior and “wrong” or inappropriate behavior” (Mosley, Gillis, 2016, “Ethics and Social,” para. 3). The text gives a strong and accurate meaning of ethics. While working as a hostess, you come amongst many different types of customers. On a typical weekend night, one will more than likely deal with two different types of customers. The first customer that one will encounter is upset about the forty-five minute to an hour wait. The second customer that one will encounter will understand the forty-five minute to an hour the wait time. The second customer realizes that they made the choice to come into a high-level restaurant, on a weekend night, during dinner time. The second type of customer that I described will take…

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